Paris Cooking Classes : learn the art of French cooking in a fun, relaxed atmosphere in the heart of Paris.

Macaron Class

Tuesday - 2nd September at 2:00pm - 20% Off!

You will learn how to prepare from scratch 3 kinds of macarons using different classic fillings. The Chef will guide you through the recipes and share with you great tips in the art of making Macarons.

Cheese & Wine Master Class

Tuesday - 2nd September at 5:00pm - 20% Off!
You'll sample some of the finest cheeses while learning the techniques and language of cheese tasting, the secrets of affinage, and how the concept of terroir applies to cheese.
In all, you'll experience 4 varieties of cheeses and 4 wines. A fascinating, delicious, and fun tasting experience.

  • Cheese & Wine Master Class 1


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