Paris Cooking Classes : learn the art of French cooking in a fun, relaxed atmosphere in the heart of Paris.





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Discover our team of international, professional Chefs & assistants, looking forward to sharing their passion for French cuisine and culture with you.

Chef Eric Fraudeau, owner of CWC, brings over 30 years of culinary experience and a passion for sharing French food & wine.
With over 16 years of Culinary experience both in France and Dubai Chef Anton Gonzalez shares his rich food knowledge with CWC and its students.
A prestigious career spanning decades and continents Chef Patrick Hebert has cooked for the elite.
Chef Constance Deledalle knew from the age of 8 years old that she had incredible passion for cooking.
Sommelier Preston Mohr, with his diploma as a sommelier is our wine educator & resident cheese & gourmet food expert.
Chef Brian DeFehr belongs to the family of chefs who are passionate about cooking which follows nature's seasons.
Sommelier, Frederic Duverger is s certified French sommelier who has worked over 12 years in fine-dining restaurants in the US, Canada and Europe.
Chef Jean Mathat-Christol's, love for cooking and teaching has brought him into the world of French culinary instruction. He teaches the Market Classes.


Diversity is the spice of life as they say, and it is certainly the case for our team. Coming from different backgrounds our talented Chefs have trained in world-renowned establishments, rich with culinary experience and knowledge. They help promote the fun, convivial atmosphere we strive for at Cook'n with Class. 

With the assistance of our dedicated team of chef's assistants, Maricel and John, your experience at Cook'n with Class will be a memorable one. You'll find them prepping and setting up as well as expertly preparing the dough for use in the Baking and Bread Making Classes.

Whether it's whipping up a traditional French meal or baking a perfect croissant we will educate and entertain you so that you can enjoy cooking and share it with family and friends in a Paris cooking Class.

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  • Our team of international, professional Chefs & assistants look forward to sharing their passion for French cuisine and culture with you in Paris.
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