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French Semi-Pro Desserts Class

Are you an ardent Baker and ready to take your Dessert Making skills to another level?

This class reveals the secrets to making the classic pastries that adorn the Parisian bakery windows. In 3-4 hours you learn to make a: Paris Brest, a dark Chocolate Tart, Pear Charlotte and the famous Baba au Rhum.

The class requires you to have certain level of experience in baking as some more advanced methods are used during this class. Beginner bakers should try their hand at our Bistro French desserts class.
We will provide aprons and all necessary material and ingredients for the class.

We will be using Valrhona Chocolate in the class made from the purest cocoa beans renowned for its outstanding quality. For your information this class also requires the use of gelatine.

-Learn to make exquisite French pastries from an expert chef
-Work with tried & tested recipes that can be recreated at home
-once the class is finished taste your desserts on-site with a drink and take
home the rest with our takeaway boxes.


Class duration : 3-4 hours.
Price per person : 150 euros

Reductions are given on your second class.

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Mad about Choux Pastry Class

We are Mad about Choux pastries! Introducing our pastry class dedicated to this versatile French pastry. Visiting Paris you can't help but notice and taste them whether in its savory cheesy gougère to the sweet eclair - yes, that's right the eclair is part of the choux pastry family as is the famous Paris-Brest and Gateau Saint-Honoré.

Croissant Baking Class

French bakeries are world famous for their flaky, buttery pastries. In this Croissant Baking class you will learn the secrets to preparing French breakfast pastries such as croissants, pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins and more. .

French Bread Making Class

Ever wondered why French bread and French baguettes are so good? Unlock the mysteries of bread making in our French Bread Making Class.

French Bistro Desserts Class in Paris

Get a hands-on experience from our English-speaking professional chefs and within 3 hours become a master of crême brulée, chocolate soufflé or the famous lemon tart!

French Cooking with Kids Class

Do you have a budding Chef at home? Allow your child to gain confidence in the kitchen while learning both savory and sweet French recipes to recreate at home (with your help). This class is just for kids

Macaron Class in Paris

Do you dream of making macarons? Well the secrets are revealed in our macaron classes in Paris. You can compare them with your Ladurée macarons and share them with friends and after your first try why not innovate with new flavors!

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