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Molecular Gastronomy Cooking Class in Paris

Our molecular gastronomy cooking class will inject some scientific joy into your home cooking.

Create some innovative dishesLearn the Basics of Molecular GastronomyLearn exciting recipes and techniques

Want to try out new and inventive ways to prepare food?

If the term is subject to multiple interpretations, "molecular gastronomy", "deconstructionism", "our new approach", there is great excitement generated amongst fans of gourmet food for this cuisine.

We will play with unconventional flavors and textures using our molecular lab tools to produce exciting dishes. You will be taught the techniques such as making spheres, gels, foams, and emulsifications and learn about the ingredients & tools used in this innovative food science.

You will literally make caviar by mixing chemicals with fresh, fragranced produce. Cooking only with the highest quality ingredients and always using seasonal produce, you are in for a tasty molecular gastronomic adventure.

Did you know that the precursor of molecular gastronomy is a French scientist, Hervé This? "Sodium alginate solution", "Liquid nitrogen", "Low temperature cooking", "Calcium chloride bath" will whet your appetite for the end of the class!

This molecular gastronomy class in Paris is on demand only.

. Please do not hesitate to contact us for scheduled dates!


Class duration - 4 hours.
Price per person : On request euro
Reductions are given on your second class.






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