Paris Cooking Classes : learn the art of French cooking in a fun, relaxed atmosphere in the heart of Paris.





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With our cooking school in Paris, techniques of French cooking are made easy.

Learn the secrets of French cooking and enjoy fine dining at a cooking school in Paris.

Visiting a cooking school in Paris is one of the best ways to learn what truly makes a great French baguette or croissant. You can learn the techniques of bread making and baking and find out which ingredients and equipment are best for making these at home.

You will prepare the dough from scratch and roll and knead it to create, shape and bake some bread, brioche or croissants. You may wish to sign up for other classes at a cooking school in Paris to make French Desserts or Macarons. There are a wide range of classes depending on the technique or skill you wish to acquire.

Other classes are more informative such as the Cheese and Wine Class where you learn about different wines and cheeses from regions in France and how to pair them. The Market cooking class combines a very instructive tour of the local market and a hands-on cooking class to create a 4-course meal fit for a king prepared at the cooking school.

If you cannot decide which you prefer then a package deal including several classes will allow you to explore different areas of French cooking. The cooking school not only teaches in Paris but also offers a day-trip to Reims to visit the Champagne region.

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  • In our cooking school in Paris : Find out why French baguettes and croissants taste so good with lessons.
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