Paris Cooking Classes : learn the art of French cooking in a fun, relaxed atmosphere in the heart of Paris.


(Applies to Morning/Evening Class)

List of Market Classes :
 Evening Market Class
 Morning Market Class
 Private Chef in Paris
 Cooking with chef Eric

List of Dessert/Baking Classes :
 Mad about Choux
 Advanced French Desserts class
 Baking Class
 Bread Making Class
 French Desserts Class
 French Desserts for Kids Class
 Macaron Class

List of Wine Classes :
 Champagne Tasting Class
 Cheese & Wine Master Class
 Chef's Table - Food & Wine Pairing

List of Special Classes :
 Private class
 Paris Gourmet Tour
 "A Week in Paris" Package
 "Best Sellers" Package
 "Sweet & Beautiful" Package

List of Seasonal Classes :
 Gourmet Chocolate Class
 Foie Gras Christmas Class

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