Paris Cooking Classes : learn the art of French cooking in a fun, relaxed atmosphere in the heart of Paris.





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Paris Cooking Class in English for beginners

Learn French cooking for beginners in a Paris cooking class. All equipment and aprons provided. Learn recipes and techniques that you can recreate at home.

Classes for BeginnersCooking is fun.The French market

Taking a Paris cooking class is easy with Cook'n With Class. All of the  cooking classes in Paris are suited to beginners and fun for all ages. Children over twelve years old are welcome to join and for children under twelve years old, a special cooking class is also available.

The school has a friendly, relaxed atmosphere where you will be greeted by English speaking Chefs and enjoy a delicious, educational experience in Paris.

The cooking classes are with other students (max 6 people) and everyone participates, guided by professional Chefs. You will be taught how to make classic French recipes using easy to use equipment that you can recreate for your family and friends at home.


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  • Learn French cooking for beginners in a Paris cooking class. No experience necessary. All classes are in English.
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