Paris Cooking Classes : learn the art of French cooking in a fun, relaxed atmosphere in the heart of Paris.

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>> LET'S Talk About Chocolate

At Cook'n With Class we pride ourselves on working with quality ingredients, The best recipes are made even better when you work with fabulous products.

>> Seasonal Fruit Focus - The Pear

Since prehistoric times the Pear has been considered an exceptional fruit. Let's talk about the Comice Pear.

>> Seasonal Fruit Focus - The Cherry

Discover one of our favourite summer fruits - the Cherry!

>> All our Dessert and Baking classes in Paris

Indulge your sweet tooth and learn the secrets behind the famous French pastry and baking recipes. Enjoy a French Desserts Class with classic seasonal recipes or after tasting your Laduree Macarons in Paris you may just be ready to learn to make your own with us! Bakers will be delighted with the techniques taught in the Baking and Bread Making classes and budding pastry Chefs might want to try their hand at Advanced Desserts level.

>> Advanced Desserts "Petits Gāteaux"

>> Advanced Desserts "Petits Gāteaux"

Are you an experienced Baker and ready to take your Dessert Making skills to the next level?

>> Frozen Nougat

We all love ice-cream in the summer but why not try nougat which is just as easy and no need for an ice-cream maker. The French call it nougat glacé or frozen nougat, sweetened with honey, it is very similar to an Italian semifreddo. This recipe is a delicious dessert made in the Dessert Cooking Class in Paris.

>> Pistachio Financiers

Financier is a delicious, buttery cake made in our French Desserts Class, lovely with tea or coffee. History tells us they were created by pastry Chef Lasne in 1890 to feed his clients working at the Paris stock exchange. Lasne had the idea (marketing ahead of time) to change the oval shape of the original cake to evoke that of a gold bullion and so the financier was born!

>> Būche de Noėl ą la Noix et creme de poire (Walnut & Pear Yule Log)

A Yule log or Būche de Noėl is a traditional French Christmas Dessert made with sponge cake and frosted and filled with buttercream. Many different flavors and decorations exist.

>> Gāteau Basque au Fraise

Gāteau Basque is a traditional dessert from the Basque region of France. Typically this cake has pastry cream encased in a light shortdough pastry.

>> White Chocolate and Passion Fruit Mousse

An easy-to-make Dessert recipe with delectable ingredients. Combining chocolate with passion fruit to create a luxurious dessert.

>> Tarte Tatin

This delicious French tarte tatin was made by the Tatin sisters. The story goes that while making an apple tart, they made a mistake so to salvage the tarte they turned it upside down to the delight of their guests. You can experiment with pears, peaches and don't forget to serve with a nice dollop of ice-cream or crčme fraīche!

>> Cake Decorating Class

In this class you will learn the basic techniques of cake decorating and how to transform cakes into your own unique creation.

>> Macaron Class in Paris

In this Paris cooking class you will learn how to prepare from scratch 3 kinds of macarons using different classic fillings.

>> French Dessert for Kids Class

France's delectable desserts are not just reserved for grown ups !

>> French Semi-Pro Desserts Class

Are you an experienced Baker and ready to take your Dessert Making skills to another level?

>> French Bistro Desserts Class in Paris

In this French Dessert Classes in Paris you will learn how to prepare from scratch 5-6 classic bistro french desserts using fresh, seasonal produce.


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