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Discover our team of international, professional Chefs & assistants, looking forward to sharing their passion for French cuisine and culture with you.

Chef Eric's Fresh Chanterelle Salad

Hooray for Spring-time and as the days are getting brighter in Paris, we are lingering a bit longer at the market to check out the new colorful produce. The markets are bursting with wild mushrooms such as the famous morels, chanterelles, girolles. Our recipe today shows you how to make a lovely salad with warm seasonal chanterelle mushrooms and Eric's grandmother's vinaigrette!

Where to dine in Paris?

Chef Eric Fraudeau gives you his top spots to wine & dine in Paris.

Chef Eric's Christmas Menu

A traditional French Christmas usually involves seafood, with oysters, lobster and crab. Turkey is not as popular in France as they prefer more rustic birds such as goose, guinea fowl or capon during the festive season. This is Chef Eric's Christmas recipes for a delicious lobster followed by a Guinea fowl and polenta main course.

Inauguration of the new cooking School in Paris

On the 2nd of December 2011 we celebrated in Montmartre the re-opening of Cook'n With Class in a brand new, expanded cooking school.

Eric Fraudeau

Chef Eric Fraudeau owner of CWC, brings over 30years of culinary experience and a passion for sharing French food & wine.

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