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Our chefs.

Jean Mathat-Christol

Chef-instructor Jean Mathat-Christol has just joined our team, bringing his culinary skill and knowledge to our Market Classes

Ariana Barkin

Ariana Barkin from a young age had a love for baking.Thankfully for us, she took that love and turned it into a passion.

YES Chef! - A history of professional kitchens

A few of the lesser known facts in the history of professional chefs. Why on earth in professional kitchens all over the world is the only response that will keep you from getting fired a very enthusiastic YES CHEF!?

Emmanuelle Gombert

Chef Emmanuelle Gombert idealizes French cooking and pastry and not that she has seen too many cooking shows on TV... she's made it her profession!

Preston Mohr

Sommelier Preston Mohr is our wine educator & resident cheese & gourmet food expert.

Patrick Hebert

A prestigious career spanning decades and continents Chef Patrick Hebert has cooked for the elite.

Constance Deledalle

Chef Constance Deledalle knew from the age of 8 years old that she had incredible passion for cooking.

Briony Laberthonnière

Give Chef Briony Laberthonniere some sugar paste and she might just spin it into the Eiffel Tower!

Pino Ficara

Known to us under many pseudo-names such as Tino, Pinot and Tinto - Chef Pino Ficara is a human culinary encyclopedia, mathematician and budding artist.

Alex Dreyer

When asked: What's your specialty? Chef Alex Dreyer responds enthusiastically "Everything!"

Brian DeFehr

Chef Brian Defehr belongs to the family of chefs who are passionate about cooking which follows nature's seasons, and strives to use only the best of what's locally available.

Eric Fraudeau

Chef Eric Fraudeau owner of CWC, brings over 30years of culinary experience and a passion for sharing French food & wine.

Our team

Discover our team of international, professional Chefs & assistants, looking forward to sharing their passion for French cuisine and culture with you.

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