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Paris cooking classes.

Easter Chocolate Class Adult

In this special Easter themed Chocolate Class, don't be afraid to put all your eggs in one basket!

France's love affair with Cheese

Say Cheese! The French have been eating cheeses for so long they can't imagine life without cheeses. It's not only a tradition, it has become part of their culture.

"A Season in Paris" Package

Take a culinary journey at your own speed and become a connoisseur of a variety French cooking techniques!

Market Cooking Classes

Learn what it is like to shop, cook and eat like a Parisian! This class is a fun, educational insight into French cooking while learning recipes that you can recreate at home. Paris cooking classes are one of the top activities to do while visiting Paris and in this class you will enjoy a guided visit to the local market, a hands-on cooking class taught by a professional Chef, topped off by a superb 4-course lunch or dinner with a small group of fellow food lovers!!

Mad about Choux Pastry Class

We are Mad about Choux pastries! Introducing our pastry class dedicated to this versatile French pastry. Visiting Paris you can't help but notice and taste them whether in its savory cheesy gougère to the sweet eclair - yes, that's right the eclair is part of the choux pastry family as is the famous Paris-Brest and Gateau Saint-Honoré.

Artichokes stuffed with mussels, leeks and mushrooms

An artichoke is the edible flower bud of a large thistle plant that is native to the Mediterranean and available throughout the year with peak season being from March to May. Stuffed artichokes recipe is a delicious starter to impress your friends and family made in the Morning Market Cooking Class.

Coq Au Vin - Burgundy-style poultry and red wine stew

Coq au Vin (literally "rooster in red wine") is probably the most famous of all French chicken dishes, and certainly one of the most delicious, with its rich red wine sauce, its tender onions and mushroom garniture, and its browned pieces of chicken with their wonderful flavor. This is a delicious recipe made in the Morning Market Cooking Class.

Foie Gras Christmas Class

What are the holidays without Foie Gras? Not French! Add a French touch to your holiday menu with the skills picked up in our Foie Gras class..

Chef's Table - Food & Wine Pairing

A fabulous, fun and educational evening of Food & Wine Pairing where you will experience a taste of France at the Chef's table all in an intimate, convivial setting..

French Wine Tasting Class in Paris

Gain a deeper appreciation and knowledge of French wine with a memorable wine tasting class.

"Best Sellers" package

Try our Best Sellers Package - 3 of our most popular French cooking classes in Paris - and learn the essentials of sweet and savory French recipes.

"Sweet & Beautiful" package

Would you like to know the secrets of baking famous French macarons and classic desserts? Add to this a chocolate class or advanced desserts and it will be too difficult to say no!

"A Week in Paris" package

Let us guide you through the art of French cuisine - from savory to sweet. 5 delicious days of cooking classes and plenty of recipes to recreate at home.

Private French Cooking Class or Event

We can offer you a one-on-one experience for 1-8 people depending on the requested lesson, with a Chef to build on your skills, tailor-made to your tastes.

Molecular Gastronomy Cooking Class in Paris

Our molecular gastronomy cooking class will inject some scientific joy into your home cooking.

Cheese & Wine Class in Paris

Come and experience French "terroir": the flavor of the earth and the culture of the land with a Cheese and Wine Class in Paris.

Cake Decorating Class

In this class you will learn the basic techniques of cake decorating and how to transform cakes into your own unique creation.

Chocolate Class

Calling all Chocoholics!

French Bread Making Class

Ever wondered why French bread and French baguettes are so good? Unlock the mysteries of bread making in our French Bread Making Class.

Croissant Baking Class

French bakeries are world famous for their flaky, buttery pastries. In this Croissant Baking class you will learn the secrets to preparing French breakfast pastries such as croissants, pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins and more. .

Macaron Class in Paris

Do you dream of making macarons? Well the secrets are revealed in our macaron classes in Paris. You can compare them with your Ladurée macarons and share them with friends and after your first try why not innovate with new flavors!

French Cooking with Kids Class

Do you have a budding Chef at home? Allow your child to gain confidence in the kitchen while learning both savory and sweet French recipes to recreate at home (with your help). This class is just for kids

French Semi-Pro Desserts Class

Are you an ardent Baker and ready to take your Dessert Making skills to another level?

French Bistro Desserts Class in Paris

Get a hands-on experience from our English-speaking professional chefs and within 3 hours become a master of crême brulée, chocolate soufflé or the famous lemon tart!

Evening Market Cooking Class

Learn how to shop like a Parisian, choose the best ingredients & then turn them into a delicious 4-course dinner. Get a hands-on cooking experience from our professional English-speaking chefs.

Morning Market Cooking Class

Learn how to shop like a Parisian, choose the best ingredients & then turn them into a delicious 4-course lunch. Get a hands-on cooking experience from our professional English-speaking chefs.

Our team

Discover our team of international, professional Chefs & assistants, looking forward to sharing their passion for French cuisine and culture with you.

French Cooking Classes in Paris

Learn the art of French Cooking with a cooking class in Paris. Choose from a range of hands-on cooking classes taught in English. Take your class in a fun, relaxed atmosphere in Paris.

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